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The Vast Space And Its Effects On the Human Body And Mind


We, as a human race, have extended our hand towards the space and all the unknowns within it. At first, it was a race to see which country would go where no other did, and those attempts were focused on political influence rather than scientific endeavors. Later trips outside the security of the Earth’s atmosphere were scientific, and their goals were focused on the discovery of anything and everything that can be found in the space.

Quite an enormous amount of research was and still is poured into space travels. This research encompasses dozens of different areas of research which includes medical research that addresses both the physical and psychological well-being of astronauts.

The unknown dangers of the space

Mind-EffectsSpace might be devoid of air and bacteria, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe for people to venture into it without some precautions. The lack of gravity and the solitude are just some issues that plague astronauts. These might seem simple but the problems they can cause are extensive, and they can endanger the safety of the people in a space station or any other space vehicle.

Isolation, as well as confinement, can have a major impact on the mental state of an individual and thus this can present a huge problem in space. The space station is small, and it doesn’t have enough space to allow for the movement and privacy that many would prefer. Every individual that wants to go into space has to go through rigorous training that includes observations of the subject in the enclosed and isolated area. This helps the team behind the mission to determine whether they can withstand long periods of time in small space that is devoid of people.

The lack of gravity causes some pretty serious problems within the body. The largest impact our body experiences is the loss of minerals in the bones. The loss of the minerals is ten times higher than seniors go through and that can lead to lasting damages. This is a persistent issue that is addressed through several means that include straps and exercise machines and supplements that contain minerals that strengthen the bones.

Books about space you might be interested in

If you are a fan of space and everything that is connected to the same, then prepare, as there is a lot of reading you should undertake. This isn’t about fantasy or Sci-Fi books that speak about space from an unrealistic point of view. No, these are books that are written from the perspective of various astronauts and other personnel connected to the space program.

“Heroes in Space” is a must-read for every avid space lover. This book contains thoughts and ideas of several Russian astronauts that went up there and saw fascinating things.

Another must-read book is called “Moon Shot,” and it is a detailed account of the Apollo Program. Two Mercury astronauts wrote this, and it contains various details about the program that aren’t found anywhere else.