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Three Meditation Tricks To Calm You


When it comes to meditation, there is a right way to get the best experience out of each session. However, these small tricks can calm you and help you find peace when you are feeling agitated.

Modulate Your Breathing

Someone under undue stress would most likely be told to “just breathe” by his friends and family, but that’s not just a saying. Deep breathing is the key to cleansing your mind of negative thoughts and relaxing your whole body. Just taking ten deep, cleansing breaths when stressed or angry could be the key to balancing out your emotions.

Breathing deeply involves taking in a deep breath from deep in your stomach-which lets you take in enough oxygen- and holding the breath for a few seconds; then release the breath slowly through the mouth. Repeat this until you feel calm. The terse, short breaths you have when you are feeling agitated or distraught makes you take in less oxygen, and that is directly linked to the feeling itself. Taking deep breaths introduces cleansing oxygen into your body, causing overall calmness.

Whole Body Relaxation

While breathing deeply, close your eyes and lie back. Start with your right foot. Wriggle the toes and focus on how it feels and how it moves. Tense the muscles in the foot and relax them rhythmically at counts of ten. Relax the foot, then breathe deeply and savor the feeling.

From the right foot, move to the next foot and repeat. Progressively work your way up your body, making sure to flex only the muscles you are focusing on at a time. After you have gone through your whole body, you will feel more relaxed and in control of your body. It can also be a way of “checking in,” intimately testing the various areas of your body to make sure that they are working fine.

After a whole body relaxation session, your body will feel lax and loose. Finish with some stretches and continue your day.


Visualization is also called guided imagery. It requires you to escape into your imagination and visualize a place you feel calm and at peace, then experience that place through your imagination. Visualization can be done with the help of a guide (as in group meditation or with a tape) or by yourself.

Engage all your senses when visualizing. Smell the plants and flowers, taste the air, feel the wind on your skin, hear the soothing sounds and see the beautiful vista you have chosen for yourself. Dwell on these details and savor them for as long as you can, then you can open your eyes and come back to the present.

This small escape might just be what you need to restore clarity and calmness to your mind and invigorate your need. You might feel drowsy and heavy afterward. That is just a by-product of your relaxed state.

Many other meditation tricks can help you to calm down and relax, but these are the simplest. You can undertake them almost anywhere, giving yourself the small boost of peace you need.