Here we offer a selection of books, handsigned by famous pilots and astronauts. It's worth recalling that some of
these legends have already left the Earth permanently, while many of the others charge £100+ for an autograph.
The majority of these books are flat-signed: occasionally we can offer dedicated copies at a lower price: please ask!
We buy signed books too!

This extremely interesting account of the Apollo
Program was written by two of the original Mercury
Astronauts is
hand-signed by the first American
in Space,
Alan Shepard, sadly deceased. A real
collector's item! Both hardback and paperback
editions in stock.
We have several hand-signed copies of this truly
fascinating hard-back.
John Glenn
was the first
American to orbit the Earth in 1962, but was then
not allowed to take part in further missions because
of his iconic status. Following a 25-year career as a
Senator, in 1998 Col Glenn finally flew into space a
second time aboard 'Discovery'.
£75 pb
£105 hb
This enthralling autobiography is hand-signed
M.Scott Carpenter
. In many ways the
'forgotten' Mercury Astronaut, Carpenter was the
second American to orbit the Earth. It is generally
believed that he was held responsible for his capsule
landing wildly off course, and he was not selected
for further missions: he went on to achieve success
in the field of marine research.
This paperback autobiography is hand-signed
by the late
Wally Schirra
, the only American to fly
aboard Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft.
This is an entertaining and absorbing account
of the early years of space exploration.
Hand-signed by
Georgy Beregovoy (Soyuz 3)
Anatoly Filipchenko (Soyuz 7 & Soyuz 16)
Andriyan Nikolayev (Vostok 3 & Soyuz 9)
Alexei Leonov (Voskhod 2, ASTP)
Pavel Popovich (Vostok 4, Soyuz 14)
this fabulous book is a rare connection to the
earliest days of manned spaceflight.
Hand-signed by Apollo 7 Astronaut
Walt Cunningham. this is a no-holds-barred
account of the US astronaut corps!
We have several different editions available.
This excellent volume is his hand-signed
by Apollo 11 CMP
Michael Collins
as well as three other important members
of the launch team:
Glynn Lunney
Bruce McCandless
Seymour 'Sy' Liebergott

Hand-signed by Dr Buzz Aldrin
this is his compelling discussion of
the future direction of space exploration.

He charges twice this for an autograph!
£75 We have a number of titles hand-signed
by Apollo 12 CMP Richard Gordon,
including this lavishly illustrated
'large-format' volume.

This large-scale volume of his paintings has been
hand-signed by Apollo 12 Astronaut Alan Bean
Alan Bean has co-authored and hand-signed
this large-scale volume with Andrew Chaikin.
It charts the history of manned spaceflight in
paintings, photographs and excellent text.
The epic journey of the crippled Apollo 13
spacecraft is known to most because of the
gripping film starring Tom Hanks.
Astronaut James Lovell's account provides
an amazing insight into this heroic episode
in the conquest of the Moon. Hand-signed
We also have the re-worked version
'Apollo 13' available in paperback.
This is a hand-signed hardbacked
first edition of Dr Ed Mitchell's quest
to unite science and metaphysics. A
fascinating first-hand account of
the impact space travel can have on
the psyche, Mitchell's book would be a
great addition to any autograph or
book collection.
Apollo 15 CMP Al Worden has, at last,
written his account of the highs - and lows -
of the US space program. Our
hand-signed by both authors.
Co-written by two legendary space-travellers,
Col David Scott and Gen Alexei Leonov
this increasingly hard-to-find account of the
competition between the US and the USSR to
be the first to send a man to the Moon has been

by Dave Scott.
Apollo 15 Astronaut Jim Irwin wrote this intensely
personal account of the epiphany he experienced
on his return from the Moon. We have several
hand-signed soft & hard backed editions. This
is one of the more difficult autographs to obtain!
We have both dedicated and undedicated
Apollo 16 Moonwalker Charlie Duke wrote
this account of his life as an Astronaut and his
subsequent Christianmission with his wife Dotty.
This hand-signed hardback is a fascinating
account of the way a journey to the Moon
affected many of the Apollo Astronauts

Written by the last Astronaut to walk on the
Gene Cernan, this hand-signed
autobiography is a great read and wonderful
addition to any collection.
Gemini VI / IX and Apollo 10 astronaut
General Thomas Stafford
wrote and
this fascinating insight into the
first joint US / Soviet space mission. Now a
very difficult book to obtain
In this entertaining hand-signedpaperback,
Tom Jones, a four-times Shuttle astronaut,
recounts his career in the US space program
Helen Sharman was selected from thousands
of applicants to take part in the Soyuz 'Juno'
mission. In so doing, she became the UK's
first space traveller. This rare & fascinating
book is boldly hand-signed
and dedicated by
Ms Sharman: a difficult item to obtain these days!
Three-time Shuttle Astronaut
Mike Mullane
has hand-signed
this very entertaining account of
his career as a pilot and spaceman
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