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Three Meditation Tricks To Calm You


When it comes to meditation, there is a right way to get the best experience out of each session. However, these small tricks can calm you and help you find peace when you are feeling agitated.

Modulate Your Breathing

Someone under undue stress would most likely be told to “just breathe” by his friends and family, but that’s not just a saying. Deep breathing is the key to cleansing your mind of negative thoughts and relaxing your whole body. Just taking ten deep, cleansing breaths when stressed or angry could be the key to balancing out your emotions.

Breathing deeply involves taking in a deep breath from deep in your stomach-which lets you take in enough oxygen- and holding the breath for a few seconds; then release the breath slowly through the mouth. Repeat this until you feel calm. The terse, short breaths you have when you are feeling agitated or distraught makes you take in less oxygen, and that is directly linked to the feeling itself. Taking deep breaths introduces cleansing oxygen into your body, causing overall calmness.

Whole Body Relaxation

While breathing deeply, close your eyes and lie back. Start with your right foot. Wriggle the toes and focus on how it feels and how it moves. Tense the muscles in the foot and relax them rhythmically at counts of ten. Relax the foot, then breathe deeply and savor the feeling.

From the right foot, move to the next foot and repeat. Progressively work your way up your body, making sure to flex only the muscles you are focusing on at a time. After you have gone through your whole body, you will feel more relaxed and in control of your body. It can also be a way of “checking in,” intimately testing the various areas of your body to make sure that they are working fine.

After a whole body relaxation session, your body will feel lax and loose. Finish with some stretches and continue your day.


Visualization is also called guided imagery. It requires you to escape into your imagination and visualize a place you feel calm and at peace, then experience that place through your imagination. Visualization can be done with the help of a guide (as in group meditation or with a tape) or by yourself.

Engage all your senses when visualizing. Smell the plants and flowers, taste the air, feel the wind on your skin, hear the soothing sounds and see the beautiful vista you have chosen for yourself. Dwell on these details and savor them for as long as you can, then you can open your eyes and come back to the present.

This small escape might just be what you need to restore clarity and calmness to your mind and invigorate your need. You might feel drowsy and heavy afterward. That is just a by-product of your relaxed state.

Many other meditation tricks can help you to calm down and relax, but these are the simplest. You can undertake them almost anywhere, giving yourself the small boost of peace you need.

The Vast Space And Its Effects On the Human Body And Mind


We, as a human race, have extended our hand towards the space and all the unknowns within it. At first, it was a race to see which country would go where no other did, and those attempts were focused on political influence rather than scientific endeavors. Later trips outside the security of the Earth’s atmosphere were scientific, and their goals were focused on the discovery of anything and everything that can be found in the space.

Quite an enormous amount of research was and still is poured into space travels. This research encompasses dozens of different areas of research which includes medical research that addresses both the physical and psychological well-being of astronauts.

The unknown dangers of the space

Mind-EffectsSpace might be devoid of air and bacteria, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe for people to venture into it without some precautions. The lack of gravity and the solitude are just some issues that plague astronauts. These might seem simple but the problems they can cause are extensive, and they can endanger the safety of the people in a space station or any other space vehicle.

Isolation, as well as confinement, can have a major impact on the mental state of an individual and thus this can present a huge problem in space. The space station is small, and it doesn’t have enough space to allow for the movement and privacy that many would prefer. Every individual that wants to go into space has to go through rigorous training that includes observations of the subject in the enclosed and isolated area. This helps the team behind the mission to determine whether they can withstand long periods of time in small space that is devoid of people.

The lack of gravity causes some pretty serious problems within the body. The largest impact our body experiences is the loss of minerals in the bones. The loss of the minerals is ten times higher than seniors go through and that can lead to lasting damages. This is a persistent issue that is addressed through several means that include straps and exercise machines and supplements that contain minerals that strengthen the bones.

Books about space you might be interested in

If you are a fan of space and everything that is connected to the same, then prepare, as there is a lot of reading you should undertake. This isn’t about fantasy or Sci-Fi books that speak about space from an unrealistic point of view. No, these are books that are written from the perspective of various astronauts and other personnel connected to the space program.

“Heroes in Space” is a must-read for every avid space lover. This book contains thoughts and ideas of several Russian astronauts that went up there and saw fascinating things.

Another must-read book is called “Moon Shot,” and it is a detailed account of the Apollo Program. Two Mercury astronauts wrote this, and it contains various details about the program that aren’t found anywhere else.


How To Improve Your Health?


First of all, we need to say that we live in the era of diseases. The medicine has grown, and we had never had some many diseases. There are a couple of diseases that are considered to be the deadliest in the world, and we all know what those are. Modern life gave us a ton of new modern diseases that we have so much trouble to fight them. So to stay healthy, we will need to make sure that we reduce the stress levels and try to eat healthily. Sometimes, it can be impossible. To lower the stress in a pond full of stresses that are called the today’s world is simply a mission impossible. How to eliminate the stress and unhealthy food when you are surrounded by it? There are some methods, but you will need to try hard for them.

How to beat diseases?

No-StressWell, there are a lot of ways to beat the illness. First, you will need to make sure to defeat stress. Today it is almost impossible to overcome stress completely, but you can reduce it. There are a lot of things you can do to make sure that you reduce your levels of stress. A lot of Eastern philosophies will teach you how to make a good flow of energy and how to reduce the amount of stress in your life. There are some drugs that you can use, I mean legal drugs like medication that can help you to get some steam off but that is not a good thing to do. You can try sports because it is a good way to use that negative energy that has been accumulating through the whole day. We know that you can’t remove the stressful factors in your environment because it is practically impossible.

Few more tips and tricks

Eat-HealthilyThe tips and tricks are pretty much known. To cope with everyday stress, you will need to make sure to eat healthily and to eat slowly. We know that brakes in your office or job give you only half an hour to eat but when you come home, make sure that you sit down or lie down or relax. Or if you are full of negative energy, you could go running or playing some sport. Try to eat organic food and do your exercise regularly. It is vital for your body and mind to be in shape. You could practice some Eastern martial arts which will give you a nice philosophy for you to think about it. It will help you to regain your balance between the mind and the body, and you will be much better.


Hardware Use In Medicine


Medicine has developed into a science that can cure almost every disease out there. And the struggle with new diseases is making the life of doctors more difficult. It is important to understand that medicine can’t do wonders; however, doctors can make you feel better and even totally cure most of the diseases known to man. The devices that are being used in medicine are pretty sophisticated equipment.

So they are very expensive, but they do their job and make the life easier for the doctors. These devices are known even to be better than doctors sometimes. They are more precise, and they could even do the operation in a much better and faster way. Devices are priceless when you need to make some microscopic cuts or to insert an implant. Without these devices, this type of surgery would be impossible. So that is why they are so valuable.

Where are these devices used?

HardwareThese devices are used in almost every branch out there. So you can find them in all hospitals, and today you have a machine for almost everything. Scanning machines or x-ray machines are present in the last decades, and today we have more sophisticated machines that you won’t believe that exist. For example, when you are in the hospital, and you are in your bed, you are attached to a whole bunch of machines. Well, now when they operate you for example in Japan, they have some metal boards, and you just lay down, and the board measures your pulse as well as other bio functions.

It is like science fiction. But that is not all. There have been even some further developments in the field of artificial limbs. Now, doctors have developed arms and legs that work with our brain impulses.

Big discoveries

Medical-DevicesSo as you can see, medicine and the devices used in medicine are being better and better each day. Soon we will be almost all enhanced in some way. The human body is not perfect, but it is ok as far as we can tell. Now, people want to make a perfect human body. For example, there are little cameras that doctor can use to get into practically any part of the body. How cool is that? Doctors can see what the problem is and they can treat it with small openings on your body.

They don’t have to cut you like an animal to get the job done. Medicine is remarkable in every way because these devices make it so sci-fi. Some diseases like cancer or any other diseases are being treated for example in a large glass-like chamber where they take your immune system and build a new one to fight the disease.